High steady LFJ6040 co2 300watt laser engraving and cutting machine

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1 Advanced DSP Digital Control technology and Integrated Frame Structure to ensure Work Stability.
2 Original Imported Straight Linear Guide Rail X. Y axis Makes the Machine Running on a high Speed and Precision.
3 Imported Reflected Lens and II-VI ZnSe focus lensin the Optical System Can greatly Reduce the heat loss.
4 High Quality CO2 Glass Sealed Laser tube Provides Strong Stable Laser beam mode and Longer Service Life.
5 The Laser tube adopts Compulsive Water Cooling System, Water Chiller Can Control the temperature Automatically, It’s Alarm Device will Alarm if Short of Water, thus ensure laser tube a longer service time and high stability.
6 High Compatibility, Applicable for the Models Like PLT,BMP,DXF,DST,T100,etc.
7 LCD Control Panel in English.
8 Equipped with Hydraulic protection,Exhaust dust and smoke device,the huff protection.
9 Optional Up & down adjustable worktable can Engrave and Cut Different Height Materials.
10 Comply With [CE & ISO] Certificates.

Standard Accessories:

1) 1 piece 40w/60w/80w/100w/130w/160w Reci Laser tube

2) 3 Reflecting Mirrors to reflect the light from Laser tube (installed in the machine)

3) 1 Focusing Len to Focus the light from Laser tube (installed in the machine)

4) Air Exhaust Fan to protect the Focusing Len from pollution

5) Water pump (To Cool Laser tube and Longer the lifetime of Laser tube)

6) Honeycomb worktable

7) Laser Engraving software (English Version)

8) User Manual of machine

9) User manual of software

10) Laser Software CD


 Technical Parameter of High steady LFJ6040 co2 300watt laser engraving and cutting machine

Laser Power 40w/60w/80w /100w /130w /150w ( Reci CO2 Laser


Power Supply: AC220±10% 50 HZ /AC110±10% 50 HZ
Motor High speed Servo Motor or stepper motor
Working Area 500*300mm/600*400mm/900*600mm/1200*900mm/1300*900mm/1300*2500mm
Cutting Speed ≤18,000mm/min
Locating Precision 0.015mm
Min Shaping Character Character:2x2mm, Letter:1x1mm
Camera Pixel 3,200,000
Shooting Way Continuous ,automatically and moving array shooting
Laser Energy Control 1-100% set by hand or software
Resolution ≤4500dpi
Control Configuration DSP
Data Transfer Interface USB
System Environment WINDOWS 2000/ WINDOWS XP
Cooling Way Water Cooling and Protection System
Graphic Format Supported BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, PLT, CDR, DXF, AI etc.
Cutting Thickness 0 -30mm Acrylic (Others depend on Materials)
Color Separation Separation of Cutting up to 256 colors
Cuts off the water supply the protection Yes
Slope Engraving Yes, Slope can be designed discretionarily


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Parts of machine


Company Information


Packaging & Shipping


1.Water-proof Plastic Film With Foam Protection in Each Corner

2.Professional Separated Structure helps to reduce 30% costs in Shipping

3.Solid Seaworthy Wooden Case With Stainless Steel Protection.

Customer Feedback

Our Services


1.2years quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge when if any problem during the warranty period.

2.Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

3.Free training course at our plant.

4.18 hours on line service and email each day, free technical support.

5.Machine has been adjusted beefore delivry.We will take machine photos and make machine working image for you ,after getting your agreement ,then we will book a ship.


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